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As a commercial photographer I am mostly driven by my clients’ briefs and do my utmost best to turn them into something resembling art. With greater or lesser success.

A few months ago I was asked to submit a piece, as part of a group of artists, to be auctioned for charity.

At the time I was busy and the first thought I had was to submit an image that I had already taken. It soon occurred to me that I needed to shoot an image specifically for the exhibition which is what I did.

Together with stylist extraordinaire  Kirsten Lipschitz and hair/make-up brilliant Jade Snell we worked on the premise that we not only wanted to create something of great beauty that would stand proud on a wall but also allow us to stretch ourselves in our chosen specialities.

We were fortunate enough to have an amazing model and person in Happy Umurerwa from Fusion model management sit for us. From Rwanda, Happy was a gem to work with. A serene sole and open for anything including a potentially uncomfortable head piece that Kirsten was fashioning out of flowers.

The most amazing thing about the whole shoot was that everybody was doing their bit for no pay. The cause was the beneficiary of our time and effort and I really believe that magic happens in the absence of pay. Even though we need to be remunerated for our talents and skill set, when money gets involved it often changes the dynamic. Say no more.

What came out of our shoot and went on to raise R28 000 on auction is below.

As a side, I made the image one of ten and have subsequently sold 5. The positive feedback that I have received from everyone has been remarkable and has inspired me to continue the series next year. The subsequent sales have also allowed me to pay all the people involved including donating more to the charity.

All in all a good experience and one I would like to continue in the new year.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my clients and supporters a very festive season, a peaceful rest and a great new year.



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