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Bain and Bunkell ad agency in Johannesburg had this unusual request when they briefed me to shoot their latest  above the line campaign for their client Fedgroup.

They wanted to show people that had taken their plastic surgery a little too far in an attempt to hold onto their youth and looks.

The hard part was to find willing models and to convince them that it was ok to be broadcast on billboards and magazine ads while not making fun of them.

We ultimately decided to cast and shoot people we saw the potential to be retouched to create our desired result.

Hair, make-up and wardrobe were all carefully considered to help us to achieve our final result together with the post production.

This was where the highly talented Amy Dresser, retoucher extraodinaire, came to the party. With a detailed brief from how we wanted eyebrows and lips to be moulded and hair to be coloured, she hit it on the head, so to speak, and delivered a result that the client and agency were really happy with.

I have attached the before and after of both our models as well as some behind the scenes in studio on the day.

Based in Cape Town and shooting in Johannesburg with such a talented crew was a real privilege.

Fedgroup atl_C1B9457_RET4-1Fedgroup atl-2_C1B9682_RET3-1

Photographer: moi

Agency: Bain and Bunkell

Client: Fedgroup

Hair/make-up: Tamaryn Pretorius

Stylist: Candice Moore

Assistant: Paul Samuels

Producer: Damon from Nomad Productions

_MG_9889 _MG_9892 _MG_9895 _MG_9896 _MG_9914 _MG_9915 _MG_9923 _MG_9927 _MG_9932 _MG_9938 _MG_9939 _MG_9942 _MG_9949 _MG_9952 _MG_9958 _MG_9960 _MG_9961 _MG_9967 _MG_9971 _MG_9976 _MG_9980 _MG_9986 _MG_9997



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