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  — The good assistant!

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They say that you are only as successful as the people you surround yourself with! For a photographer working in the commercial space, an assistant is invaluable and a great assistant is like gold and should be cherished. I have worked with quiet a few assistants in my career as a photographer and think there […]

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  — giving back!

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The Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) is a Non-Profit Organisation that is dedicated to feeding school children and relieving hunger. They have been providing meals for children in primary and secondary schools across the Western Province including the distant rural areas for over 50 years. My colleague and I had a conversation a little while […]


  — digital workflow and capture rates

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For me to make the transition from film to digital meant teaching myself  a whole new way of working. An efficient workflow from capturing the image, editing, processing, storage and ultimately handing over to client. To put this in perspective, with film, once the image was shot, the roll neatly licked and bound it was […]