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  — Your pictures are just the beginning!

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How do you ensure staying in business as a professional photographer so that you can continue to take great shots and make a living from it? If you have made the bold move to enter the world of photography full time or are considering it, there are a few things I wish I had known […]

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  — Camera and lenses!

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So what camera and lenses to buy? The simple truth that I remember reading somewhere is that there is no perfect camera only a perfect camera for your purposes! I usually recommend the G series Canon (G11 and now G12) in the ‘point and shoot’ category as it offers a lot more creatively in that […]

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  — Be Inspired!

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Credit to photographers: Jill Greenberg, Jim Fiscus, Dave Hill, Garrigosa Studio An exercise that I found very useful when determining what kind of photography to pursue, is to gather a body of other photographers’ work that speaks to you and create an inspiration board! Trawl the net and collect work that makes you wish that […]

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