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  — Photographers should get paid a deposit! A lesson I learnt the hard way.

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I am one of those photographers that naively worked without insisting on a deposit. I have always thought that best practice was to make it as easy for your client as possible. Dropping potential barriers for them not to work with you by┬ánot insisting on any upfront payments. I have been prepared to hold onto […]


  — Quoting for your photography

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After sitting down with and helping one of my assistants a few days ago, it dawned on me that a good topic to post was one on quoting for your photography. It is often very difficult, especially when you starting out, to know your worth. It is also one of those things that is not […]

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  — Will the real pro photographer please stand up?

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I must begin by apologizing that my very first post of 2013 is not heels clicking stuff but more a sober look at our industry that both has touched me and am sure all of you in someway too. A kind of philosophical look at last year. I have had this internal debate with myself […]