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  — Dabbling in the arts

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As a commercial photographer I am mostly driven by my clients’ briefs and do┬ámy utmost best to turn them into something resembling art. With greater or lesser success. A few months ago I was asked to submit a piece, as part of a group of artists, to be auctioned for charity. At the time I […]

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  — a professional assisting course at my studio

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When I started freelancing as a photographer I worked from home. And for my personality that didn’t work so well. I needed to have a place to go every day where I could be around people if I cared for it or just know that I wasn’t all alone doing my thing. I know plenty […]

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  — giving back!

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The Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) is a Non-Profit Organisation that is dedicated to feeding school children and relieving hunger. They have been providing meals for children in primary and secondary schools across the Western Province including the distant rural areas for over 50 years. My colleague and I had a conversation a little while […]