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  — Shooting with Orms

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orms 16

The well-known Orms where most of us go and get our camera gear, have prints made and which used to be my lab, back in the day of film, approached me to shoot their first campaign! As you can imagine it was a great honor shooting for the guys you get all your gear from. […]

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  — Blood, sweat and the B4s!

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As far back as I can remember I have been a sci-fi and fantasy fan with the original Conan┬áthe Barbarian and Excalibur, Star Wars and later Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy being visual feasts and great sources of inspiration and mystery. More recently Game of Thrones and Vikings have captured my attention and got […]


  — Shooting stills of shells in studio (say that many times fast)

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  Firstly happy 2014! Apologies for being a little absent from my blog space but had a very busy end of last year and decided to take a good break from work over the Dec/Jan period. And while I don’t see my blog posts as work, it is very much to do with my photography […]