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  — Making not taking pictures – Eric Almas

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Matt Advertising Portrait 2

At the end of last year sometime I was introduced to photographer Eric Almas! It happens to me every year around December time that I look at other photographers out there for inspiration. I find this not only gets to open my photography eyes to new ideas and styles, it also introduces new ways that I […]

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  — Good coffee and a few other things a photographic studio needs!

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Or wanting to know what to look out for when renting a studio space or building your own? Read on. An ideal studio space affords the flexibility to shoot a variety of subject matter under one roof. You want to have a space free of clutter where you can set up your equipment and tailor […]

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  — A portrait style

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Over the holiday period my friend Jo came down to Cape Town from her home in Australia with her family. She asked me to shoot portraits of her daughters and herself in my style. I have been working on this technique for about 5 years now which started out with an obsession for Jill Greenberg’s […]